5 Unique Bars In Nashville You Didn't Know About

We’ve heard all about the bustling honky tonks on Broadway, but it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Nashville has exploded onto the travel destination scene as the go-to place for bachelorette parties, 21st birthdays, and every celebration in between. The party is always rocking on the city’s main street, Broadway. Live music booms from multi-level historic bars filled with enthusiastic tourists and locals alike whether it’s a Tuesday afternoon or midnight on a Saturday. 


But once you’ve two-stepped your way up and down the iconic street, you’ll probably be ready for a change of scenery. Here are 5 unique bars off of Broadway that you shouldn’t miss in Nash.

1. Kung  Fu Saloon

You can find this “barcade” just a few steps from Broadway in the city’s Midtown district. You’ll see what makes Kung Fu such a fun hangout as soon as you spot the see-saws and giant old school games, like jenga, sitting on the front lawn (yes, there is fake grass). It’s like a playground for adults. Things only get more exciting once you make your way to all of the classic arcade games inside. There’s everything from Pac-Man to pinball to shuffleboard to basketball. But my favorite part? Free skeeball.


On any sunny weekend afternoon, you can find the outside patio crawling with patrons and their DOGS. Yup, it’s even pup friendly. It’s a great place to kick off a Sunday funday with free game play, $4 mimosas and a bloody mary bar. 


This Texas-born bar is quickly becoming right at home here in Tennessee.

@kungfunash via Instagram

2. Bobby's Garage

The Bobby Hotel is a notoriously beautiful hotel in Printer’s Alley with an innovative aesthetic and gorgeous rooftop views. But just below the hotel is Bobby’s Garage, an old school bar with an L.A. grunge feel. The dim lighting and graffiti artwork on the walls create an atmosphere that is completely different from what you find in the hotel itself. 


The clientele here is as unique as the decor. Bobby’s Garage draws in a different crowd than most of the bars in Nashville and takes you out of the country scene for a bit. 


The vintage vibes carry on every Thursday night when local DJs come in to play all the classics on vinyl. And most importantly, don’t forget to come hungry. The food menu is pretty limited, but the Bobby Burger is the best that I’ve had in Nashville. 10/10 recommend.

@bobbyhotel via Instagram

3. Chopper

Chopper resides in the heart of the always evolving East Nashville, which is lovingly referred to as a hipster haven. This bar brings together two totally random concepts - tiki bars and robots - and combines them in a way that somehow just works. While the food menu is still under construction, the cocktail menu is decked out with tropical treats that are big enough to serve a crowd. 


Chopper was recently opened in 2019 just in time for the summer heat. The frozen cocktails take the edge off from that blazing southern sun. The fun and quirky bar is a great place to kick back and pretend you’re vacationing on a Caribbean island… that happens to have been taken over by robots. 


Unfortunately, you will have to enjoy this hidden gem in the late afternoon, as it doesn’t open until 4 p.m. daily. Bummer. But the good news is that happy hour begins as soon as the doors unlock on weekdays. The tiki-tech Chopper is definitely worth swinging by.

@choppertiki via Instagram

4. Pinewood Social

This bar has got a little bit of everything. It’s a restaurant. It’s a coffee shop. It’s a bowling alley.


The vibe at Pinewood is casually upscale; you’ll want to dress in your favorite trendy hat but be ready to have a chill time. Pinewood Social isn’t necessarily the all night move, but it’s a great start to any night out. Grab dinner here and bowl a few games to get yourself loosened up. Did I mention there’s also a pool? 


If brunch is more your speed, this bar is also for you. Their extensive brunch menu is the perfect mixture of breakfast and lunch options accompanied by a full coffee selection. And running from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., their brunch hours are also some of the longest in Nash.

@pinewoodnashville via Instagram

5. Santa's Pub

Featured in Chase Rice’s latest single, ‘Lonely If You Are,’ Santa’s Pub is one of locals’ best kept secrets in Nashville. This place is the definition of a dive bar, except it’s not really located in a bar at all. Santa’s Pub is a double-wide trailer covered in a variety of Santa Claus artwork. The name comes from the bar’s owner, who dons a white fluffy beard all year round. 


The bar only serves beer and hard cider, and you have to pay cash. But with beers at just $1-2, it’s not such a bad setup. Free karaoke bumps every night and it is not uncommon to spot the occasional celebrity singer belting it out on Santa’s stage. The atmosphere is carefree, laid back, and friendly. It’s the perfect spot to end a night out. 


Swing by Santa’s Pub to unwind and let loose.

@santaspub via Instagram

This city is full of surprises and while there is always new and exciting bars popping up, there are also staples that have been around for decades that ooze charm and a hometown feel. Nashville is the perfect place to get a busy city taste but also be able to feel that southern hospitality. After you check out these five must-sees, keep exploring. There is something hidden around every corner and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised with all that this country town has to offer.

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