Beauty by POPSUGAR: Your New Cruelty-Free Mascara Brand

Media company meets makeup line.

POPSUGAR, the online cultural media hotspot, has recently collaborated with beauty industry mogul Pamela Baxter to create a line of cruelty-free makeup products, called Beauty by POPSUGAR. With each ingredient specifically chosen for natural, healthy properties, these are products you can feel good about. I am usually very loyal to my tried and true mascara brand, but I decided to give Beauty by POPSUGAR a shot. Here’s what happened.

New City, New Mascara Brand

New City, New Mascara Brand

I recently moved from Nashville to Los Angeles (talk about culture shock) and its a welcomed change. I figured if I can change where I live, why not shake up some other things too? Time to rattle my makeup routine and see what people out here are into.

I like to do my part in being eco-friendly so when I heard about POPSUGAR releasing a cruelty-free, plant-based makeup line, I became intrigued. I went with the Thick + Thin Mascara; my mascara brand is something I’m weirdly picky about, so I was pretty skeptical.

The Thick And Thin Of It

The first thing I really noticed about the mascara was the double ended brush. As the name indicates, theres a thick wand on one side and a thinner one on the other. I am notorious for getting mascara all over the place when I do my bottom lashes, so I really liked the option of a smaller applicator. The thin side was less messy and made for a more precise application process. So far, so good.

Flip to the thick side. While it was bigger than its counterpart, its not what I would consider a thick brush. My makeup routine isn’t exactly extensive, but I do wear a considerable amount. Eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, brows… the usual. So I like my mascara to go on kind of thick so that it balances all of those things and completes the look; I usually aim to buy full bushy bristles.

My end take on the brush: thin side… 9/10. Thick side.. 6/10.

Putting It On

I really liked the formula; it was dark black (my fave) and came out of the tube very clean. I didn't have to scrape any crazy excess or worry about it getting all over the place.

When I applied it, it went on totally smooth. It separated my lashes and added a bit of length. The entire makeup line is formulated to be buildable, so you can continue to add more layers until you reach your goal look. I felt like this mascara was perfect for that; since the formula went on so sleek, I felt like I could continue to add more without all of my lashes merging together into one flaky mess.

The drawback: I felt like the Beauty by POPSUGAR mascara brand lacked in volume. I didn't get the added dramatic effect that I usually look for in my lashes. They didn't stand out from the rest of my eye makeup.. they almost faded into it. I'm one of those weird people that wants a little clump. I feel like it makes my lashes seem thicker and this formula didn't do that.

My take on the product for my everyday wear: 6/10.

All Is Not Lost

I never waste anything. So even though the mascara wasn't quite what I would usually use, I decided to give it a second chance.

Like I mentioned, I live in L.A. these days and I love to scramble on over to the beach any chance I get. Now that I've got a bit of a sunkissed glow, I decided to try the "barely-there" makeup look: loose powder, highlighter, lip gloss, and mascara.

Beauty by POPSUGAR Thick + Thin was perfect for this look. It gave me just enough emphasis without looking overdone. I felt confident in how I looked even though I wasn't wearing much makeup at all. It was just enough. If you're looking for a fresh and clean vibe in your makeup look, this mascara brand hit the nail on the head.

Final verdict on the product for "barely there" wear: 10/10.

Dramatic Vs. Demure

At the end of the day, I recommend Thick + Thin for your makeup collection. If you're like me and like to be just a little bit extra, it might not be your go-to for your full face application. That being said, I would totally keep it on hand for simpler days when you're feeling a little more au naturale.

Beauty by POPSUGAR, you may have not totally converted this new mascara brand cynic, but you've definitely opened my slightly clumpy lashed eyes.

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