"Yoga, in fact, has become an absolute phenomenon. Though its beginnings date back to over 5,000 years ago, recent generations have transformed it into a trendy lifestyle that people flock to. From goat yoga to weed yoga, there’s a little something for everybody."

"There are few times when a woman is more raw and real than when she is dripping sweat, her hair is wrecked, and her makeup is smudged or missing. If you can be okay, even content, with that powerful version of yourself, you can up your confidence for the long haul. Not just at the gym—everywhere beyond it too.”- Janet Buckworth

"Getting older and wiser has its perks, especially when it leads to better sex. If you started out when you were young and inexperienced, chances are you’ve learned a thing or two about what you want when the clothes start coming off. These are 10 reasons your 20’s should bring you better sex than your teens."

"Sex should be a fun and comfortable experience for both of you, so do yourself a favor and give yourself the best chance at having a good time. Here are 10 things you should find out about your partner before you sleep with him for the first time."

"Dating in an unfamiliar town can be as intimidating as it is exciting. The only thing that it is not… is easy. Here are some mistakes I’ve made that you can hopefully learn from when it comes to dating in a new city."

"It is a special kind of soul crushing to be “almost” dating someone. It feels like all of the pieces fit together and you’re putting everything you have into him, but somehow it’s never enough." 

"It was time that I stopped trying to play a role and, instead, be upfront and honest about my intentions when it came to dating. I was looking for a, dare I say it, real relationship and I was ready to own my truth." 

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