• Sarah Dillard

Becoming a Transplant

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Moving cities just for the heck of it has its perks.

Downtown Nashville skyline.

So right now I technically live in L.A. for a digital media and writing internship, but where I actually live is in the country music capital of the world. In January 2019, I moved to Nashville with one of my best friends, Cait, so that she could finish her schooling. Long story short -- the city stole my heart.

"There's something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination." -Charlotte Erikkson

Nuggets Take Nash

The three months that Cait and I lived together was a blast. The luxury of being able to move to a new city with your best friend is something I'm so thankful for. If you're in a position without a mortgage, kids, or anything else that might hold you back... I urge you to do this. Scoop up your BFF and take on a new city together.

Its really great because we got to do all of our old favorite things in all new places. We bar hopped, went to parks, and attended hockey games. We became Broadway regulars, even after everyone told us we would be sick of it after a week. Turns out, Cait and I don't get that tired of partying in honky tonks.

I have lots of recommendations and details about places we went on my travel articles page.

Honky Tonk Central on Broadway.

I was originally only supposed to stay in Nashville for three months, but after about six weeks, I decided I wasn't going home. Nashville was home. I got a full time job and decided to make it work.

Corporate America

The job that I got led me to meet some really amazing people. Its crazy how quickly I became close to these people. Everyone was just so nice and welcoming and there were a lot of instant connections. I made a great group of girl friends and we were practically attached throughout the whole workday. I even moved in with a coworker and his wife for three months, while I was looking for my own place.

The job itself wasn't my dream, but it was definitely worth the friendships made. I actually wrote an entire article about it here. I probably won't be going back to that job once this internship in L.A. is over, but I will be going back to a solid group of people.

This was my first real 9 to 5 job, and let me tell you, it was an adjustment. I had become so accustomed to the bartender lifestyle and schedule I wasn't sure that I was really made for anything else. But I actually genuinely enjoyed the structure. Waking up early with the rest of the world, drinking my coffee, and putting on my business clothes made me feel like I was a little closer to being an actual adult.

Coming Soon

Cait also decided she wanted to make Nashville home.. so she'll be moving back to join me this fall. We signed a year lease for a townhouse and I'll keep you all updated on the adventure! Trust me, you'll want to keep up with this one.


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