"What started as a friendship between two female entrepreneurs has flourished into a motivational podcast that targets young people with big dreams. Often Ambitious covers everything from managing your finances to telling off the haters to unlocking your full potential. Its like listening to inspirational speeches given by your BFFs who are unapologetically in your corner."

"Amazon Prime Day came to a close and put up unprecedented sales numbers. With an estimated $6 billion worth of merchandise sold, it’s clear that consumerism is alive and well. Among the top items sold were Instant Pots, personal water filter straws, and, interestingly enough, genetic testing product, 23andMe."


"The holiday season makes us all feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, so why not feel the same on the outside?Winter is the perfect time of year to snuggle up, whether you’re staying at home or venturing out into the cold.  Make sure to invest in these 10 fuzzy pieces to make it through winter 2019."

"Chances are you’ve already got your go-to basics, so take this opportunity to stock up on statement pieces. Outfits are easiest to build when you choose one central item and work your way around it, so here are 5 staple items for the foundation of your ensemble this winter."

"Investing in high quality scarves will benefit you in the long run because they are made to last and will be able to warm you up for many winters to come. Here are 10 classic designer scarves to save up for."

"A winter coat shouldn’t hide your trendy outfit– it should be a part of it. Revolve is your go-to shop this winter season for high-quality outerwear that is as chic as it is warm. Don’t be caught in the cold without one of these pieces from Revolve."

"Budget friendly boutiques are the way to go if you're looking for unique, fun pieces to make your space your own. Here are 10 online boutiques with home decor that are sure to impress your walls as much as your wallet."

"Cheetah print is the new neutral, as long as you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t rival Tarzan. It can be dressed up or down, mixed and matched, and worn year-round. Whether you’re feeling wild or low key, here are 25 ways that you can pull off cheetah print."

"There are few times when a woman is more raw and real than when she is dripping sweat, her hair is wrecked, and her makeup is smudged or missing. If you can be okay, even content, with that powerful version of yourself, you can up your confidence for the long haul. Not just at the gym—everywhere beyond it too.”- Janet Buckworth

"Hopefully one day we live in a world where all fashion is sustainable, but for now, here are 10 companies that are ahead of the game."

"Sometimes the best form of self-care is to take a step outside of your day-to-day reality, and head out of town with your friends to unwind. Here are 12 destinations for a girls weekend getaway that are sure to help you chill."

"Getting older and wiser has its perks, especially when it leads to better sex. If you started out when you were young and inexperienced, chances are you’ve learned a thing or two about what you want when the clothes start coming off. These are 10 reasons your 20’s should bring you better sex than your teens."

"Sex should be a fun and comfortable experience for both of you, so do yourself a favor and give yourself the best chance at having a good time. Here are 10 things you should find out about your partner before you sleep with him for the first time."

"Dating in an unfamiliar town can be as intimidating as it is exciting. The only thing that it is not… is easy. Here are some mistakes I’ve made that you can hopefully learn from when it comes to dating in a new city."

"It is a special kind of soul crushing to be “almost” dating someone. It feels like all of the pieces fit together and you’re putting everything you have into him, but somehow it’s never enough." 

"It was time that I stopped trying to play a role and, instead, be upfront and honest about my intentions when it came to dating. I was looking for a, dare I say it, real relationship and I was ready to own my truth." 

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