You Should Already Be Shopping At These 10 Sustainable Fashion Companies

First things first, what is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion encompasses brands that are committed to environmental integrity and ethically humane practices throughout the entire production process, start to finish.


 The fashion industry as a whole has a dark reputation for inconceivable working conditions and ecological negligence. Sustainable fashion is moving towards eliminating that narrative through innovative procedures and founders with admirable intentions. Hopefully one day we live in a world where all fashion is sustainable, but for now, here are 10 companies that are ahead of the game.


This Nashville based boutique is committed to empowering women in the workplace. ABLE strives to create opportunity and equality that will allow underprivileged women to escape the impoverished generational cycle that they were born into.

The company provides full transparency of workers' earnings in order to show that paying employees livable wages is possible for the entire fashion industry. ABLE has grown exponentially since its beginning, proving that success and sustainability can certainly go hand in hand.

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2. People Tree

People Tree is a progressive brand that was one of the originals to break into the world of sustainable fashion. It checks essentially every box when it comes to social responsibility. As winners of the World Fair Trade Organisation certification, it is committed to "the principles of fair trade, covering fair wages, good working conditions, transparency, environmental best practice, and gender equality," according to their website


The clothing style is mostly preppy and printed, with a bit of a J. Crew vibe. It is made from organic, handwoven fabrics that were ethically sourced from the growing of the cotton to the sewing of the seams. People Tree has certainly laid the groundwork for morally upstanding production.

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3. Allbirds

The 2019 burning of the Amazon rainforest lit a fire on social media (no pun intended) that demanded a call-to-action for many companies. Allbirds, a shoe company that creates shoes from wool and recycled products, created a line whose entire proceeds go directly to Leonardo DiCaprio's Amazon Forest fund for wildlife relief. 


The shoe materials and production process are both environmentally conscious, but the brand doesn't stop there. It also maintains the welfare and proper treatment of the sheep that the wool is sourced from.

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4. Farm Rio

A feel-good company based in Brazil, Farm Rio has shot to the top of its industry after beginning as an independent brand in 1997. It's no secret that replenishing the rainforests is essential for our ecosystem, and the founders want to make it accessible for people around the world to do that.

Each purchase made, both in-store and online, translates into a tree being planted in the Amazon by Farm Rio. The company is partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit whose mission centers around global reforestation.

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5. Reformation

You might not be ready to get married just yet, but there's no harm in dreaming about the dress you could wear when the day comes. Reformation crafts affordable modern gowns that offer sustainability stats -- each report includes production's carbon dioxide, water, and waste savings.

Don't fret if matrimony isn't anywhere near your radar; Reformation sells everyday wear too. Its simplistic styles and curve hugging cuts can make their way into any wardrobe. The selection of jeans is vast and will become your new favorite denim brand to browse.

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6. DoneGood

DoneGood is not an independent fashion company; it is a portal that allows access to hundreds of socially responsible brands. Instead of reverting to Amazon as your online mall, give DoneGood a chance. It brings together the quality you need with the intent that the planet deserves. 

A unique feature of this site is the option to shop by the values that are important to you. Vegan, woman-owned, and animal cruelty-free are available, just to name a few. It also has an impressive selection of stylish home goods.

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7. Lark and Berry

Jewelry dreams come true at Lark and Berry. It is a luxury brand, but the price tag is worth the back story of the stones in each piece. All of its diamonds are "cultured," meaning they are grown in a lab using modern technology. Before you think that this means that they're not real diamonds, they most certainly are. They are just cultivated without the harmful repercussions that diamond mining brings. 

 The diamond mining industry includes child labor, exposure to chemicals in mines, and wildlife displacement. You can sleep well with a rock on your hand knowing that no one was harmed in the process of getting it there.

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8. Kitx

Kitx is setting an idealistic example for high fashion brands everywhere. Its foundation rests on three main principles- natural materials, upcycling, and reviving artisan craftsmanship. By creating quality and evergreen styles, the company seeks to provide clothing that does not fall into the fast-lived fashion category.


Every aspect of the brand is geared towards reducing environmental impact. One of its product materials includes recycled plastics, in order to prevent bottles from making their way into our oceans. This is just one of the several ways that Kitx strives to create a healthier planet; its enrichment of the global workforce is admirable.

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9. Dazey LA

All the 70's inspired tees you could want are right at your fingertips at Dazey L.A. The designs are hand drawn and handmade right in the brand's namesake, Los Angeles. But in addition to operating for the earth's wellbeing, this company is devoted to supporting women and female entrepreneurs. Not only is it run by a woman, but the founder has partnered with several other 100%-female owned companies that are featured on its website. 

Dazey L.A. has been recognized by many mainstream publications, but when you make a purchase, you are supporting small business. The graphic designs incorporate empowering and artfully inspired messages that any girl boss will be excited to wear.

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10. Give A Damn Goods

This clap-worthy company is a digital marketplace for social impact goods. It's not as big as DoneGood but it provides detailed stories alongside products that give you a well-rounded perspective of how you're contributing to the greater good. Give A Damn Goods includes causes like anti-human trafficking and homeless care, which isn't very common to find in the fashion industry.

Pick a social crisis that you are passionate about and use your purchasing power to make a difference in that segment.

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Bonus tip: 

If you aren't in a position to be dropping too much money on these brands, you can still reduce your environmental impact. Thrifting is a way to shop cheap while recycling clothing to slow down the wheels of fast fashion. Sites like Poshmark make it easier than ever to shop responsibly.

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